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My love regardless.

My love is profound, my love is precious,

My love is deep my love is adventurous.

My love can be foolish but this is what Love is.

My love is unconditional and sometimes without benefits.


I love you all regardless.

My Love is my weakness and I know this.

I will love you even if you have a mental illness.

An illness that may lead to unavoidable wickedness.

I understand this even though I don't accept this.

I love you yes, i love you regardless.

Regardless of where you're from, or what your gender is.

Or whether you curse me or give me a kiss.

My love for you is pointless.

My love for you just is.

I love you regardless.

You don't have to be part of my family tree to get this.

You don't even have to be dear to me or furthest.

My love for you is pure, my love for you is Bliss.

Because I love you dearly, I’ll help you through this.

You see

I love you yes, I love you regardless.

Someone once said love has no opposite.

In this case my love is always positive.

I will love you even if you don't want to return it.

I love you yes I love you regardless.

My love for you is hardcore my love for you is raw.

I will love you so much is gonna Make you sore.

I love you if you're rich or even if you're poor.

I love you so much and then I love you some more.

I love you regardless,

I love you all.



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