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Yaounde Cameroun

The Full Story



After many years of electrical work abroad, Marshall Stephen Epie returns to Cameroun in 2021 to build this project  on some land left by his late father Martin Epie.

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A disputed piece of Land in Yaounde, Cameroun. Purchased by the Late, H E Ambassador Martin Epie Plenipotentiary in the early 1980s, after retiring from many years of service in the Cameroun Diplomatic Corps.  

As the story goes an individual claiming to be a relative of the seller, illegally challenged the legitimacy of the sale and began harassing the ambassador and his family during the construction of their home.  He went as far as to instruct a demolition team to demolish the half built  structure with heavy machinery. 

Today some 40 years later, dispute resolved in court and a portion of the land is now in the control of his son, philanthropist  Marshall Epie. 


To create a community around learning and teaching useful technical skills to the locals. To provide a center for the development of hands on practical experience for online students. To support the underprivileged by providing free tuition courses. 



Using local materials we started by building a fence and digging a well.

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