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Martial Arts Class

Marshall Epie Presents

Mixed Marshall Arts

About Mix Marshall Arts

Mix Marshall Arts not to be confused with Mixed martial arts, is a personal development system created by martial arts expert, Marshall Epie. 

The system, rooted in ancient martial arts philosophy, is designed to help motivate and inspire people into well-being. 


This program provides tools for;

  • Self Awareness

  • Self Confidence

  • Self Motivation

  • Self Defense

  • Self Healing 


 20 Years of Experience

Tailored 1-on-1 Sessions

Group Discussions and Tutorials

Our Vision

Our vision is to not only teach physical combat and self-defence techniques, but also discover and cultivate your inner potential for the purpose of self-development and enlightenment. Our services will be aimed at discussing the issues you face and then providing a perspective of the type of philosophy that will allow you to handle complex situations with confidence and ease


When the teachings are ready, ...The School will appear !
Do not miss out on the the latest intel at Mix Marshall Arts Blog!!
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