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From a very young age i was facinated with the mysteries of the universe. I wanted to know how things worked. I found maths and physics then electricity. I was smart and sometimes cocky kid, so i attracted bullies who didnt like being told they were wrong. Ive never been a physically strong person and it shows. Im a bit of a coward as well so i worked out that i need to learn to defend myself or at least get away if i ever found myself in a threatening situation. In the 90s, I remember witnessing K in such a situation at the Kings road market, when Phill the bullie drug dealer, punched him in the face. I didnt understand why but i didnt like it. I dreaded the day that could happen to me. It wasnt long after, that I found Martial arts, then Taoism, Budism, Kungfu, and Yoga. Now there was a significant turning point in my life when I discovered Budism. Karma. Things changed. Up til that point i would do anything for the right price. Things changed When i discovered karma. It troubled me as i became concious of my every action. Its direct and indirect effect on others.

The maths is amazingly simple "action = reaction" or "cause = effect". In that simple equation I found the key to hapiness. But my ways drastically changed , as i refused to take part in any criminal activity although i lived amongst criminals. The challenge was to live as a monk amongst them. So i did.

I lived by the Truth. I was able to defend it as my skill in the arts improved but also of one significant incident. I earned the name of Ninja after an encouter with a local bully on the Brixton front line Coldharbour lane where he tried mug me. On that day I was heading to court for a driving offence so i wore a suit and looked like an easy pushover. What ensued was witnessed but exaggerated as chinese whispers turned it into a somewhat street legend. What really happened was he really was out of shape, and had no traning in fighting. Although I broke his knose and there was a lot of blood but but no real physical dammage was done. I only hurt his pride. I remember being really frightened at the begining of the attack. He said, "Yo lend me 10 pounds", and i responded, "sorry C, i aint got it." C then says as he grabs my wrist, "Let me see your wallet." 

Now round about that time i was a green belt in full contact streetfighting. I all of a sudden realise that this is on. No one is comming to my rescue. Im all alone. They could me many. Is he armed? Why is he so confident? Surely he must know me. What do i do?

5 years of training comes down to this moment. If is he armed. What happens if i kill him. I go to jail. At what point is it self defence....

As soon as he grabbed my hand i felt his ability and was slightly relieved. Through years of training you can tell this through his touch. I realised he was no match for me. So i broke loose and decided to warn him of my abilities. I offered to give him the option of a lesson if he agreed to bow in the traditional way of Martial arts. Little did he know off the significance of the bow and mistook my offer as an insult. Now as a licesenced Martial Artists i take an oath which forbids me to use these skills outside of teaching or the defence of law and order. If you bow to me i would consider it the latter where by I will use the skills in teaching you a lesson rather than as if i was stopping you from robbing me of 10 pounds that i dont have anyway. C declined offensively and sais "Me Nah Bow to your B----claat". And proceded in launching his physical attack. It was over within a few seconds. I had to get away as the crowd gathered, he tried to say i had robbed him. A few street thugs tried to bark at me but when they looked at the bloodied mr C, they assumed i was armed because compared to mr C, i looked too skinny and weak to draw blood with my bare hands. Its incredibledibly scary how alone you are in such situations. Members of the public pretend they dont see it. You are on your own. In my escape i see a bus, I got to the bus stop just as it was about to leave with two thugs following 3 steps behind.. I got on the bus and remained by the entrance on the top step. They were contemplating weither to get on. I was counting on the doorway of the bus to be my defence strategy. I stood a better chance dealing with them one at a time, trapped in the doorway. The driver eventually got tired of waiting and asked them , are you comming or not? They didnt board so he closed the door and off i went to court.

Word got round that Ninja had defeated mr C an that mr C was looking for Ninja with his gun! An opportunity came for me to go to the Netherlands to help start a school so i did.. Mr C looked for me everywhere for 2 years till it nearly drove him to the point of madness. I imagine he kept thinking what would happen if i snuck up on fim. He wouldnt stand a chance. He alone knows the devasting force he experienced in those few seconds. It completely changed his life.

When I met him a few years later, i started appologising and he stopped me. He instead thanked me for exposing him to the reality of what he was doing to others. That single incident had catapulted a siignificant change in his life for the better. He explained that he had as a result been born again into a new life of karma.

From that day i was known as Ninja in Brixton.

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