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The first lesson in any good martial arts school is to learn the meaning of respect. To the martial artist respect simply means "the will to listen". The physical gesture that usually accompanies this thought is to touch the knuckles 👊 of one hand into the palm of your other hand, with a slight nod of the head. This gesture may also indicate gratitude at the end of the session. Without respect (that is the will to listen), participants run a serious danger of injury during the session. Most of all without respect, the learning process is very slow or non-existent. A good student respects the teacher. A good teacher is also a good student. This philosophy of respect can be applicable to most situations in life, not just martial arts. If any teacher realises that it is difficult to pass on the teachings because the student is being disrespectful by not listening, or constantly interrupting, it is only natural for the teacher to become silent. When this happens no knowledge is shared. A good teacher is wise. Meaning they are also always willing to listen. Listening allows them to direct their teachings appropriately. A wise teacher will not teach the advanced skills of Martial arts to a student with an un disciplined mind.

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